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Book: Architectures for Digital Signal Processing

Peter Pirsch (Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany)

ISBN 0-471-97145-6
Price: US $89.00
Pages: 432
Copyright: 1998
John Wiley & Sons



This book serves as textbook for the graduate level Architectures for Digital Signal Processing lecture.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) covers a wide range of applications such as signal acquisition, transmission, storage, and synthesis. Special attention is needed for the VLSI (very large scale integration) implementation of high performance DSP systems with examples from video and radar applications.

This book provides basic architectures for VLSI implementations of DSP tasks covering architectures for application specific circuits and programmable DSP circuits. It fills an important gap in the literature by focusing on the transition from algorithms specification to architectures for VLSI implementation.

Areas covered include

  • architectures for basic operations and elementary functions
  • parallel processing and pipelining
  • application specific array processors
  • programmable digital signal processors

With the fusion of signal processing algorithms and VLSI circuit design it will assist digital signal processing architecture developers. This book is of particular interest to electronic engineering and computer science students and will benefit practitioners of digital signal processor circuit design.

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