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Digital Electronic Circuits

Prof. Blume

The course covers digital circuits and different circuit techniques using integrated, off-the-shelf digital devices like, e.g., standard TTL components, programmable logic devices, memories and analog-to-digital converters. Architectures and functionality of a large number of different digital circuits are shown. The emphasis in this course is on the circuit design concepts and the properties of circuits from the user's point of view.

Lecture and exercise dates

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  • Type: Written exam, duration 90 minutes
  • Interval: The exam is held every semester
  • Exam date: Please refer to the official exam list on the website of the Prüfungsamt
  • Allowed tools: non-programmable calculator, and a single sheet of A4 paper, written or printed on both sides

Participation exam (Nachweisprüfung)

Written exam (see above) --> Registration via IMS office, 3rd floor, Appelstr. 4

Exam results and review

Results are displayed in the display case in front of the IMS on the 3rd floor. Additionally, the results will be uploaded to Stud.IP.

You can review your exam after the results are announced. Time and date of the review will be announced via Stud.IP.


Download area at Stud-IP


  • Introduction
  • Basic Logic Circuits
  • Code translator and Multiplexer
  • Multivibrators
  • Counters and frequency dividers
  • Semiconductor memories
  • Applications of ROMs
  • Programmable Logic Circuits
  • Basic Arithmetic Circuits
  • AD- und DA-Converters

Supplementary Lectures