Leaders:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Blume
Email:  3621
Team:  Marc-Nils Wahalla, Dipl.-Ing.
Year:  2016

Within the research field of Optogenetics organic cells are tried to be influenced with light in order to change and control the cell’s behavior. For this purpose, even naturally light-insensitive cells can be genetically modified to react to specific light wavelengths. The Institute of Microelectonic Systems will contribute to this research topic in a collaborative project with the Institute of Technical Chemistry and the Institute of Quantum Optics at the Leibniz University Hannover.

Based on our common prior research experiences (e.g. BIOFABRICATION for NIFE) we will particularly focus our optogenetic research within the field of Tissue Engineering. Therefor it is inevitable to illuminate the target tissue with well-defined patterns. One possible implementation could be the spatially exact stimulation of tissue with a single, deflectable light- or laser-beam. Additional challenges might arrive due to special conditions surrounding Tissue Engineering tasks (e.g. installation within a rotating bioreactor or a nutrient solution between the target tissue and electronic components).