High Temperature Measurement While Drilling

High Temperature Measurement While Drilling

Leaders:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Blume
Email:  3621
Team:  Dipl.-Ing. Rochus Nowosielski
Year:  2014
Lifespan:  2012-2014
Is Finished:  yes

This project is motivated by the results of the successfully accomplished gebo project before. Based on that a measurement system is to be designed and examined under a bilateral cooperation with the Baker Hughes company. The targeted system has to meet the requirements of geothermal drilling applications at ambient temperatures up to 300 °C. The integration of appropriate sensor interfaces, efficient memory usage and reliable processing of sensor signals in an ASIC plays the main role. The particular limitations by using a suitable high-temperature SOI technology in terms of processing speed and density of integration are to be compensated by the previously identified architecture decisions. The deliverable of the project is a demonstration platform, which maps the entire Measurement -While- Drilling system and thus confirms the concept.

In addition to the demonstration of functionality of a worldwide novel MWD processor, research aspects include the fields of hardware design, fault tolerance of digital systems and ASIC design.