GEBO - Hochtemperaturelektronik

GEBO - High Temperature Electronic

Leaders:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Blume
Email:  3621
Team:  Dipl.-Ing. Rochus Nowosielski
Year:  2014
Lifespan:  2009-20111
Is Finished:  yes

For the acquisition and conversion of analog signals and digital signal processing inside the bottom hole assembly a fast and complex electronics in a confined space is required, that operates reliably at high ambient temperatures (> 200 °C).

Currently available integrated circuits based on silicon operate at a maximum temperature of 175 °C. An alternative offer radiation-hardened SOI semiconductor technologies for junction temperatures above 200 °C. These high temperature SOI technologies are suitable for the development of integrated analog circuits, digital standard cells, and mixed-signal designs.

So far, only discrete semiconductors or some integrated analog components have been developed in SOI technologies for use under high temperature. However, application specific digital circuits or even digital signal processors with high processing power do not exist. A major reason for this is the coarse structure size offered for high-temperature SOI technologies that have been achieved in standard semiconductor processes more than 10 years ago. Thus, state of the art approaches for VLSI and mixed-signal architecture design can therefore be transferred to current high-temperature SOI processes in a limited way only.

In this project, the design of mixed-signal circuits for signal processing is studied under high temperature conditions. For this, research on analog circuits and digital signal processing architectures will be conducted in order to adapt common design approaches to the requirements of high temperature technology.

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