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Design of Integrated Digital Circuits

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Blume

The course deals with the design of digital circuits in CMOS technology. Alternative circuit techniques for the realization of basic circuits are presented and explained. Various forms of implementation of integrated circuits are discussed. Design techniques with hardware description languages ​​are presented on a basis of various examples. Current aspects of large scale integrated circuits in modern semiconductor technologies such as leakage currents, etc. are presented. The analysis of the temporal behavior of circuits is carried out based on run-time models.

Recommended: Knowledge according to the lectures Fundamentals of Digital SystemsLogic Design of Digital Systems and Digital Electronic Circuits

Course Information

Date:           Monday 10:00  -  11:30  h (weekly)

Begin:         Mo., 14th of  October 2019

End:            Mo., 27th of January 2020

Room:        Seminarraum 335, 3. floor, Technische Informatik

                  (Building 3703, Room Number:  335)


Date:           Monday 11:45  -  13:15  h (weekly)

Begin:         Mo., 14th of  October 2019  

End:            Mo., 27th of January 2020

Room:        Seminarraum 335 and Laboratory Room 032Technische Informatik

                  (Building 3703, Room Number:  335)




Exam type:      Oral examination

Duration:          30 Minutes

Date:                The exam dates will be announced in the lecture. 

Registration:    You can register for the examination at the Institute by entering your name in the examination lists. It is also necessary to register via the online exam registration (QIS).

Place of examination: The examination takes place at the Institute (room 339). 

Compliance test are possible. 

Additional Information and Accompanying Material

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • MOS-Transistor-Logic
  • Fundamentals of MOS Logic Circuits
  • Power Consumption of MOS Circuits
  • MOS Scaling Theory
  • Implementation Variations of Logical Circuits
  • Production, layout and process flow of integrated MOS circuits
  • Logic gates
  • Design of Integrated Circuits with Hardware Description Languages
  • Analysis of Integrated Circuits

Qualification Goals

The module provides extended knowledge on physical properties of digital integrated circuits as well as their design, verification and fabrication.

After successful completion of the module, the students are able to:

  • Describe the physical properties of integrated digital circuits
  • Understand and implement circuits at gate to layout level 
  • Describe technological barriers and their manufacturing solutions
  • Build complex digital circuits in CMOS
  • Design and simulate digital circuits

Complementary Courses

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