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Dr.-Ing. Gerd Teepe

The lecture, read in the summer semester, deals with the structure and the economic network of the semiconductor industry, as well as the basic business models. The economic aspects are in the foreground, but always related to the development of integrated circuits. The industrial processes and working methods of the semiconductor industry will be presented, as well as the entry into the control of industrial development projects according to economic criteria.

The lecture is supplemented by the lecture "Design of integrated digital circuits".


Wednesday, 15:00 - 16:30,
Seminar room (335), TI-Building (3703)




  • Oral, Duration 15 minutes
  • without any auxiliary means allowed
  • by agreement

Table of contents

  • The importance of microelectronics for industry and commerce
  • Technology Basics, Material Flow and Key Actors
  • Design of integrated circuits from an industrial point of view (planning, tools, IP)
  • Project management for IC development (development cycles, V-model, project management)
  • Value chain of the semiconductor industry (material, analytics, packaging, testing)
  • Marketing (market segments, P&L, GoTo-Market strategies, product life cycle, quality assurance)
  • Industry mechanisms (standards, legal framework, business practices, associations, industrial policy)