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Design Methods for FPGAs

FPGA-Board: Altera DE2-115The lab Design Methods for FPGAs takes place in the winter terms only.

The number of participants is limited due. The available seats will be awarded due to the online lab registration. Aspects like progress in the study program are considered.

All information about the lab is provided by this website and posted at the 4th floor of the TI building (Appelstr. 4), too.

Interactive indipendent study

  • FPGA-board can be taken home
  • Software is provided without any charge by the fpga-vendor
  • Download portal

Multimedia application

  • FPGA based audio effect system
  • Extensible system

    • Hall-Generator
    • Equalizer
    • Sound-Synthesis


The resposibility of the lab is taken by the Institute of Microelectronic Systems.

Launch Event

The launch event of the Design for FPGAs lab is held at 23-Oct-2018, 4:30 pm in the lecture room 023 (multimedia lecture room), Appelstraße 4 (Building 3703).


The registration at the central laboratory registration page of the Faculty of  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is mandatory for all participants. Due to the limited number of seats a additional online sign-up is required to check the applicants suitability. The grouping will be done during the launch event. A sign-up in the LUH Stud.IP system is not aquivalent with the sign-up at the central lab-registration page.

Lab Registration

Lab Notes

Lab notes will be delivered during the launch event.

Lab Room

Starting from winterterm 2017/2018 the lab will take place at eNIFE-Pool (Building 3702, 3. Floor, Room 221).

Certificate of Attendance

Secretariat IMS-AS

Room 341, Appelstr.4, 4th floor

Phone: 762-19641