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The Institute of Microelectronic Systems (IMS) divides into two separate groups:

Further workgroups at the Institute of Microelectronic Systems

Working Field

The institute works in the domain of microelectronics and computer engineering. Activities comprise conception, design, and evaluation of architectures and integrated mixed-signal / digital circuits (microchips). Further, methodologies and tools for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) are developed.

Fields of application are medical engineering, power electronics, driver assistance systems, digital video and audio data processing. Research includes powerful architectures and integrated circuits designed to meet the computational requirements of video signal processing applications. Main topics in the field of mixed-signal circuits are power management, gate drivers for power switches / actuators (e.g. for motors), and sensor circuits.

National and European Union funding programs as well as industrial partners help to finance the projects.

The above topics are not only subject of research projects, but also part of education. In order to educate in a more job-oriented way, the conventional set of lectures and labs has been augmented by a project-oriented course in order to teach engineering skills together with soft skills. Participating students are challenged to learn about the design flow of integrated circuit design and problem solving strategies as well as interactive team work and presentation techniques.