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Book Contributions

Grüger, K.; Pirsch, P. (1990): Architecture of a 560 Mbit/s DPCM-HDTV-Codec, Signal Proc. of HDTV, II, L. Chiariglione, Elsevier (295-303)

Journal Contributions

Pirsch, P.; Grüger, K. (1990): Realisierungsaspekte beim zukünftigen hochauflösenden Fernsehen, Mikroelektronik, 4(2), (74-75)

Conference Contributions

Franzen, J. (1990): Design of Run-Time Fault-Tolerant Arrays of Self-Checking Processing Elements, Proc. of Int. Conf. on Application Specific Array Processors, (168-179)

Grüger, K.; Pirsch, P. (1990): VLSI-Komponenten eines 140Mbit/s-HDTV-Codecs, 14. FKTG-Jahrestagung, (74-75)

Grüger, K.; Pirsch, P.; Kraus, J.; Reimers, J. (1990): VLSI components for a 560 Mbit/s HDTV codec, Proc. SPIE Conf. Visual Communications and Image Processing, (388-397)

Jeschke, H.; Wehberg, T.; Volkers, H. (1990): A MIMD Based Multiprocessor Architecture for Real-Time Image Processing Suitable for a Monolithic Redundant Realization, Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on Wafer Scale Integration, IEEE Comp. Soc. Press (40-46)

Komarek, T.; Pirsch, P. (1990): VLSI Architectures for hierarchical Block Matching Algorithms, Proc. IEEE, Int. Symposium on Circuits and Systems, (45-48)

Münzner, A. (1990): Building Block Generation considering the Inherent Hierarchy of Arithmetic Operations, Proc. of IFIP Working Conference on Logic and Architecture Synthesis, (277-286)

Pirsch, P.; Wehberg, T. (1990): VLSI Architecture of a Programmable Real-Time Video Signal Processor, Proc. SPIE Digital Image Processing and Visual Communications Technologies in the Earth and Athmospheric Sciences, (2-12)

Rönner, K.; Hecht, V.; Pirsch, P. (1990): Defect-Tolerant Implementation of a Systolic Array for Two-Dimensional Convolution, Proc. of IEEE Intl. Conf. on Wafer Scale Integration, IEEE Comp. Soc. Press (19-25)

Schönfeld, J.; Pirsch, P. (1990): VLSI Implementation for Real Time Processing of Straight Line Extraction, From Pixels to Features II, J. C. Simon, Elsevier (395-406)

Volkers, H.; Jeschke, H.; Wehberg, T. (1990): Cache Memory Design For The Data Transport To Array Processors, Proc. of IEEE Int. Symposium on Circuits and Systems, (49-52)