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ISBN: ISBN 9781498743808 - CAT# K26860


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Gerlach, L.; Seifert, C.; Payá-Vayá, G.; Blume, H. (2016): Instruction-Set Extension based on a 2D Sound Source Localization Algorithm on a Low Power Hearing Aid System, Tensilica Day—Trends in Modern Design of Configurable Processors 2016, Hannover, Germany

Gläser, G.; Lee, H.-S. L.; Hennig E.; Olbrich, M.; Barke E. (2016): Automated Refinement of Analog/Mixed-Signal SystemC Models by Non-Functional Effects, University Booth at DATE 2016, Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition), Dresden, Germany. weitere Informationen

Mentzer, N.; Payá-Vayá, G.; Blume, H. (2016): Analyzing the Performance-Hardware Trade-off of ASIP-based Image Feature Extraction, Tensilica Day 2016