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Tensilica Day 2018

Cadence Design Systems and the Institute of Microelectronic Systems invite to the third Tensilica Day on 7th February 2018. Theme for the workshop have been processors with an application-specific instruction-set extension (ASIP) in actual research.

The workshop starts with a tutorial by Marcus Binning, Senior Application Engineer Manager at Cadence Designs Systems, about how to extend Tensilica processors with customized instructions. Subsequent, the new Protium FPGA prototyping platform is presented with an emulation of the Tensilica IVP DSP and a camera-based pedestrian detection algorithm.

In the second part of the event, experts from university and industry present current trends in ASIP design. During the lunch break, there is the opportunity to have a look at various hardware demonstrators.


The agenda of the workshop can be found here.


Newsfeed to the Cadence Academic Network Blog.


Session 1 - Tutorials

M. Binning (Cadence): Tensilica 2018. What's New? pdf

V. Wegner (Cadence): Pedestrian Detection Demo with Tensilica IVP DSP on Protium FPGA-based prototype (Tutorial + Demo) pdf


Session on Technology, Architectures and Tools

C. Dietrich (SRA, LUH): Application/Hardware-Aware Operating System Design pdf

H. Stolberg (Videantis): ASIP Video Processing Architecture Videantis pdf

D. Göhringer (TUD): Self-Adaptive Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip

G. Payá Vayá (IMS, LUH): The KAVUAKA Hearing Aid Processor pdf

G. Teepe (Globalfoundries): FDX-Technology for Digital-SOC and Analog-RF system integration pdf


Session on ASIP-Case Studies

M. Hübner (RUB): Run-Time Reconfigurable Processor Architectures for Embedded Systems

M. Zeller (Dream Chip): Best Practice Design Experience with a Multiprocessor Tensilica Chip Architecture for Automotive Applications pdf

J. Benndorf (Dream Chip): SmartHeaP – A 22nm FDX Ultra Low Power Design based on Cadence Tensilica Processor Architecture for Hearing Aid Applications pdf

N. Behmann (IMS, LUH): Low-Power Implementation of CNN-based Object-Detection on Tensilica Vision Series DSPs pdf



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