Everbeing Wafer Prober

The company Everbeing Int'l Corp. kindly sponsored a wafer prober station for the Institute of Microelectronic Systems, Mixed-Signal Group. The institute is using it for both education and research.

Everbeing Int'l Corp. was founded in 1991 with its base in Hsinchu, Taiwan, located next to the Hsinchu Industrial Science Park. They have been in the manual probing market for more than 25 years with expertise in manufacturing from consumable parts such as tips to full scale probe stations.

With the largest market share in Asia, their products have been market proven to be the most reliable and affordable with low price-performance ratio compared to their competitors. Everbeing offers a full suite of products for your probing needs such as

  • Probe station
  • Micropositioner
  • Tip holder
  • Tips
  • Shielding box
  • Vibration free table