Architectures and Systems Group

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Welcome to the pages of our department. Here we would like to inform you about our diverse research and teaching activities.

1965: Gordon E. Moore:

"Doubling the complexity every 12, 18 or 24 months".

[G. E. Moore: Cramming more components onto integrated circuits. In: Electronics. Band 38, Nr. 8, 1965, S. 114–117] The development of microelectronics in recent decades has been characterised by miniaturisation. Currently, nanometre-sized structures are the state of the art. The focus and the challenges of the structures is the control of the processes and the efficient use of the large number of transistors in complex circuits.

The "Architectures and Systems" group covers the areas of conception, design and evaluation of architectures, as well as systems for medical electronics, power electronics, driver assistance systems and the associated algorithms for digital signal (including video and audio data) processing. 

The development of architectures and integrated circuits for image processing and design automation for DSP applications is implemented and evaluated in the department by hardware description (VHDL, Verilog, ...) (FPGA circuits, simulation, ...). These research activities are carried out and funded within the framework of BMBF, DFG, EU and industrial projects.